Good things come to those who wait…or do they?

Hello again 🙂

I’ve used the phrase ‘good things come to those who wait’ many times in the past and I’m sure most of you have too.

But does it really make sense? I used to think so, but with hindsight and judging by my own experiences I now think it’s just an excuse made up by people to justify themselves when they aren’t willing or can’t be bothered to take action. (and yes I’ve been guilty of this myself)

The quote by Abraham Lincoln states: ‘Things may come to those who wait…but only the things left by those who hustle’ which in plain English translates as – those who sit around waiting for good things to come to them will be waiting a hell of a long time, will end up very disappointed and be stuck with the ‘leftovers’.

Are you surviving or really living? Because there is a big difference.

If you really want something to happen or change then you have to be prepared to take responsibility and make that change yourself.

Maybe you’re fed up with your job, you need more money, you’re not happy in a relationship, you want a new car or house, you’re being taken for granted or not being treated fairly, you want more excitement, more holidays, more time to spend with friends and family?

The list can be endless but whatever the problem is only YOU have the ability to change it. It’s no good sitting around hoping that what you want will eventually come to you because that’s never going to happen. No one else is going to make your dreams come true or change your life.

The only person who can do that is YOU!

I was guilty of lack of focus for years. I must be the most ‘fickle’ person I know. I used to constantly search and load new information into my brain before I even had the chance to properly apply what I had learned.

I never practiced anything long enough to see the results. I always got bored quickly and moved on to something else. It’s taken me a long time to realise that ANYTHING is possible with help from the right people and a desire to succeed.

Sometimes we put things off because we’re afraid of ridicule or failure. It’s human nature to feel that way, we’re creatures of habit and don’t really like change or initiating it.

It’s fine to carry on if you’re happy with your lot, but if you’re not then what can you/should you do?

You can start by acknowledging what you’re not happy with, or what you want to change and then take small steps towards making that change.  A journey of a thousand miles starts with that very first step, does it not?

We’re all guilty of complaining loudly when we’re not happy or not getting what we want, but how often do we actually do anything to resolve the problem?

Most often we don’t. We carry on regardless don’t we?

What’s this got to do with my goal to become a property entrepreneur? A LOT!

Until I joined the TMA (Tycoons Mastermind Alliance) I was always looking for ways to make money to give my family and I a better future.  I was resigned to the fact that I’d always be working for someone else to do this. However, it’s not just about money, it’s about TIME.

Time to spend doing the things you WANT to do, instead of the things you HAVE to do.

The problem is time equals money. You have to work to earn the money to give you time for leisure. Only usually, by the time you’ve worked all week you’re too knackered to be bothered to do anything nice at the weekend lol. Well I usually am, and Mike’s usually nodding off in front of the TV by 9pm!

Anyway, I joined the TMA last August and started attending lots of other property seminars and listening to the people who HAVE got the time and the money to do whatever they want to do.

Since then I’ve realised that we all have the power to actually choose how we want our lives to be. We really do!

This is not just about property, far from it, it can be applied to ANYTHING. It’s about personal development, courage, determination and above all self belief as these attributes can help you to change anything you’re not happy with and give you anything your heart desires., BUT you have to really WANT it.

Parmdeep Vadesha and Hanif Khan run the TMA and are amazing guys. They are both financially free (and have been for some time) and yet they are very humble and so eager to want to help others to get to where they themselves are now because that’s where the secret to success really lies – by helping others you ultimately help yourself by default!

Without their help and knowledge I wouldn’t have come this far, so thank you guys, I owe you a lot 🙂

I still have a long way to go but the important thing is I’ve made a start on my journey to financial freedom and I will not give up until I get there.

To make a start you have to be able set achieveable goals and in my next post I’ll explain the importance of this.

This is the only life you’re gonna get guys. You don’t get a second chance so please don’t waste it!

Until next time,



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