Learning To Be A Property Entrepreneur Can Be Fun!

Hello !

I’ve been a member of the Tycoons forum for over a year now, which is where I learnt how to find and buy below market value property and many other strategies.  AND  I’ve had great fun too!

Anyway, I was recently voted ‘Member Of  The Month’  on the Tycoons forum and as a result I’ve just had an interview with my friend and founder of the forum Parmdeep Vadesha, he also runs the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance training programme (which I finished in August this year).

 Deep is a really nice guy, genuinely very helpful and eager to help anyone wishing to succeed through property investment. Also his wife Pal helps out at all the events, she’s lovely too!

Deep and wife Pal

Whenever I have a problem with a deal I just call or text him and he talks me through it and gives me ideas on how to structure it. That’s the great thing about being  a member on the forum, you’re never on your own, there’s always someone you can discuss things with and everyone is happy to give advice.

There’s no rivalry or jealousy. Mostly we come from different areas all over the country so there’s plenty of deals to go round.  We share information readily with each other and pass leads on to each other if they’re not what we’re looking for ourselves.

I love being a part of the ‘community’ I have some good friends and have learnt so much by sharing with them all. The ‘Law of Resciprosity’ states that the more we give the more we get back. This is a big lesson I’ve learnt and practiced and believe me it works!

We’ve had some great times, barbeques at Deeps place, parties, trips to London, Morrocco (we had the most fantastic time there and I really want to go back), nice meals, a christmas party. They’ve also arranged loads of other exciting stuff  like Murder Mystery nights, a road trip to Monte Carlo in amazing ‘Super Cars’ and they’re off to Turkey TODAY. Unfortunately Mike and I couldn’t make this trip, but we’ll definitely be going next year!

Here’s some pics from Morocco and other fun stuff :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So we’re not just learning, we’re having FUN.  Which is THE best way to learn!

Anyway here’s the interview, apologies for rambling on a bit, it’s because I was nervous. I’m better at writing than speaking! (Scroll down and click the orange tab)


Remember, to be a success at ANYTHING you have to make a start. So here’s to your new beginning and ultimate success!

Bye for Now 🙂



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