Why Is It Important To Network?

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It’s been suggested that my blogs are a bit ‘long winded’ and I admit I do tend to waffle on a lot so I’m going to try and keep them a bit shorter so that people don’t get fed up reading half way through (and it’s less time for me to have to sit tapping on the laptop!)¬†I can’t promise, I do like attention to detail, but here goes….

Never underestimate the power of networking

Anyway, networking, why is it important?  What is networking all about?

If you look up the¬†term ‘networking’ in a dictionary it¬†describes it as: ¬†‘a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest’¬† which sums it up perfectly.

You really cannot underestimate the power of what networking can do for you and your business.

I love going to networking meetings. I’ve met some amazing people, everyone is unique and has a different story to tell and EVERY¬†time I pick up new tips and skills that increase my knowledge.

 So how can you network?

  • Attend courses
  • Networking meetings (held all over the country)
  • Post on forums (as many as possible, get yourself¬† ‘known’)
  • Sign up to all the social media sites
  • Call people you meet regualrly and keep in touch
  • Listen in to webinars
  • Attend relevant events (seminars, free events, workshops etc)
  • Go to social events (a great and informal way to get to know people)

Whilst at these events, speak to as many people as you can, find out why they’re there.¬† What do they do? Where are they from? What do they hope to gain? What are they looking for? What skills do they have? Can they help you at all? and most importantly, how can you help THEM?

Collect business cards, as many as you can, because you need to build your list of contacts, you can never have enough of these. Networking will help you to expand your contact list. This will help you to expand your sales base and bring you in touch with different requirements to help you to diversify your business.

Join property forums, ask questions to build your knowledge.¬† Join in with discussions and help new investors by answering their questions, add people as ‘friends’ and keep in touch regularly. The one’s I currently use are:¬† TYCOONS: www.property-networking.com¬†¬† PROPERTY TRIBES:¬†¬†www.propertytribes.ning.com¬† and SINGING PIG: www.singingpig.co.uk

Join as many social media networking sites as possible like: Facebook, Twitter, Digg It, Stumble Upon (there are loads of them) social networking is very powerful and members are growing in their thousands daily so you need to get your name and your business on there.

When I started my first property course there was a lot of emphasis put on ‘networking’ and why we should all be doing it.¬† At first I didn’t give it a lot of thought. I told myself I’d try and make it to a couple of meetings if I had the time.

However,¬†¬†since I’ve been attending events, socialising, posting on the forums etc, I have met SO MANY PEOPLE, a lot of whom have become good friends and I’ve learnt as much from them as I have from¬†paid courses. It has not ceased to amaze me how people have been and continue to be so helpful ūüôā

The more people you meet and network with, the more opportunities will come your way.

Forums are great for making friends and asking questions and you can have a good chat on the ‘phone¬†but I prefer to meet up with people face to face.¬†¬†It’s much more informal, you can relax over a drink¬†and get to know the ‘real’ person this way.

Maybe it’s a ‘woman thing’- and I’m biased- but intuition plays a big part for me. ¬†I can ‘sense’ if I’m going to like and trust someone pretty quickly, and I wouldn’t want to work with someone I didn’t like¬†or trust.

People I’ve met recently and learnt from through networking

I’m only mentioning RECENT people I’ve met in the last month as I’d be here all day if I listed ALL my contacts. ¬†I like to get around ūüôā

Vince Audritt and Laura Smithson

I have a new business partner called Vincent Audritt who I met through the TMA course, he’s very intelligent, has a great head for business as he’s run his own company for many years, and is a really nice trustworthy guy.

My husband and I have become good friends with Vince and his partner Laura (I love her, she’s great fun) and meet up socially regularly.¬†

They have just flown off to Thailand on an intensive Internet Marketing course (wish I could’ve gone!)¬†Vince is a great writer and also¬†has his own blog: www.propertyinvestmentjournal.com

as does Laura: www.laurasmithson.com  

Colin & Karen Parker

Colin Parker:¬† I first met Colin through a property forum about a year ago when he helped me with a query I’d posted (one of many lol)¬†

 Last week Colin and his wife Karen (lovely person) invited me up to Newcastle for a couple of days to have a  look around the area and see how they run their very successful property investment company called ONEPORTFOLIO-NGU www.highgrowthpropertyinvestment.co.uk

They¬†were good fun, great hosts and took me out ‘on the toon’ ! I had a¬†brilliant¬†time, learnt a lot about how the company runs and was very impressed (particularly with their ethics) ¬†and as a result of my visit¬†I will now be working closely with them. More about this in my next post ūüôā

Rob Hubbard

A couple of weeks a go I met up with Rob  Hubbard who I met through the Property Tribes forum.

We met in Leicester for a drink and a chat, he’s a friendly¬†guy, very knowledgeable and willing to help, he’s given me lots of tips on property investment strategies
Rob is a property investor and sourcer who’s based in Wakefield and he recently did an interview talking about his views on ethical property sourcing ¬†ÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj6CBSbT3UQ¬† with Vanessa Warwick (another friend of mine and co administrator of the Proprty Tribes forum)

¬†We keep in touch and he’s invited me up to the next Northern Property Tribes meet to speak!!! OMG don’t know about that, I’m very flattered,¬†but what could I possibly speak about! ¬†I’d like to¬†¬†go anyway as a guest, meet new contacts and make new friends ūüôā

Sue & Maksoom, property entrepreneurs

Sue Elkington & Maksoom Hussein: Two lovely friends I met through Parmdeep Vadesha’s TMA course.

Amazing people, they both had a difficult start in life yet have triumphed against all odds to become successful investors and now co- host the Birmingham Property meet which I try to attend regularly, they have some great speakers.

We keep in touch and I met up with them for a lunch time meal in Birmingham to hear all about the interesting things they were getting up to. Sue is a dab hand at DIY with many years experience¬†and would put many a man to shame, she’s soon running a course on Property Refurbishment which I can fully recommend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZGjeNtjCng

Philomena Connelly

Yesterday¬†I met up with Philomena Connelly who I met on the Wealth Dragons course, she’s a genuinely¬†kind and friendly¬†person who runs a home design business so can help if you need to dress up a property to optimise it’s sale price for resale or letting : www.shapinghomes.co.uk¬†

We met¬†for lunch (she lives in Bristol and came out of her way enroute from Bedford to meet me) ¬†and we spent three hours chatting, exchanging experiences¬†and had a lovely time (you know what it’s like when women get together! )

Philomena is determined, like myself, to pursue a career in property investment, as well as as being a teacher of Salsa! (Oh I’d love to be able to do that!) We shared our recent findings and experiences and will definitely keep in touch.

¬†I’ve also spoken to lots of people by email and on the forums in the¬†past month, they help me and I help them, which is what it’s all about, you don’t just take, you give back. I’ve met sooo many helpful people in this industry, I love being¬† apart of it and get a great buzz from being able to help a ‘newbie’.

Yes it takes up a lot of my time to do this but as the saying goes ‘Two heads are better than one’¬† so think of the possibilities of having many heads helping with your knowledge and building your business ūüôā

Tomorrow I’m in Milton Keynes all day for training as an apprentice for the Wealth Dragons.

Until next time, Happy Networking Folks. You know it makes sense!

Mmmm, wasn’t exactly SHORT was it? Sorry ūüėČ


How To Design A Flyer/Leaflet To Attract Motivated Sellers

I recently talked about using flyers/leaflets to ‘find’ motivated sellers. If you can contact the seller BEFORE they contact the Estate Agent you have a much better chance of getting a good discount on the property. I have used this method several times and can honestly say IT DOES WORK!

If you’re a new property investor looking to source bargain properties you need to be able to find motivated sellers and distributing flyers/leaflets is a great way to do this!

I had a ‘motivated seller’ contact me because he needed a fast sale as his house had been on the market for over a year and not sold. As he’d moved out of the property and it was standing empty he just wanted to get it off his hands. One of my leaflets was given to him by his daughter who’d received it through her door and he called me to discuss selling his¬†house quickly.¬†¬†

What Should The Leaflet Say & How Should It Look?

Anyone can write an advert on a piece of paper, but if you want yours to stand out from the competition it has to attract attention. I am not saying you must design your leaflet this way, or that my way is best. I’m merely¬†stating what I have learnt from¬† my courses, others experiences and trial & error!¬† It’s up to you to¬† make your own decisions and ¬†use¬†whatever information you feel will be of benefit to you.

Basic Layout

A5 is most commonly used (approx 21cm x 15cm) horizontally or vertically, whichever suits your design best.

 You can use one side of the leaflet or both. It hardly costs any extra to have double-sided leaflets printed so you may as well use the extra space.

Use a relevant heading: The heading is THE MOST IMPORTANT!

It’s no good slapping your company name across the top as ‘Joe Bloggs Property’ isn’t going to mean anything to someone who’s looking to sell their property fast.

Make it big and bold so that it stands out.

It has to¬†offer¬†something that your target market ‘wants’. It has to be ‘to the point’ and provide a solution to their problem.

A good tip is to ask a question, ie; ‘Do You Need To Sell Your Property FAST?’¬† ¬†‘Are You Looking For A Quick House Sale?’ ‘Do You Have Property Problems?‘¬† These are questions that motivated sellers can identify with and will make them want to read further to see what you can offer them.

Let the reader identify that he needs what you are offering: ie:

  • Are you stuck in a chain?
  • Worried about repossession?
  • Having debt problems?
  • Are you relocating and need a quick sale?

State the main¬†benefits: Don’t be tempted to go overboard and write dozens of points, it will look messy and overcrowded.¬† Stick to the main¬†points that the seller is going to benfit from. It usually looks better and tidier if you use bullet points for this, ie:

  • Property bought FAST with¬† no cost to you
  • No Estate Agent fees
  • No Solicitor fees
  • No more waiting for a sale
  • Get an offer in 24 hours!

Offer something FREE:¬† People love to get something for nothing! So the word ‘FREE’ tends to get noticed.

  • FREE house valuation
  • FREE consultation with property expert
  • FREE ‘sell your property fast’ guide

Use photos and testimonials: People feel reassured if they can see that someone else has used your service and was happy with it. It’s obviously much better to use genuine tetimonials, however, I appreciate that¬†it’s difficult when you’re first starting out to have ‘genuine’¬†quotes, but you could use a testmonial from anyone you’ve helped in the past who can vouch for your character ie; a friend that you’ve done a good turn for.

When using photos, if you can’t use¬†real pictures of people you’ve helped, then use photos of friends or family (with their consent) and make sure they’re looking directly into the camera as they’re seen to be more ‘genuine’ (this isn’t my opinion, it has been reasearched!)

Psychology: Use photos of houses with a ‘SOLD’ sign outside. People will associate this with their own house being sold.

Use Scarcity: How many times have you responded to an advert because there was a ‘time limit’ on it? People don’t like to think they’re ‘missing out’ on something good, so if they think there’s a bargain on offer but it will be ‘sold out’ if they don’t act quickly then guess what, they’re more likely to act¬†immediately.

ie; ‘Call before the end of November and get a FREE valuation’ or ‘Get all your legal fees paid if you call before the end of the month’

Colour or black & white? There’s been a lot said about this aspect and as I’ve never used black and white leaflets I’m not in a position to advise what’s best. It’s been debated that it doesn’t really matter as it’s THE CONTENT that matters most. I think you should try both and see whether it makes a difference, however I like to use colour as it looks ‘nicer’ and stands out better.

If you’re going to use colour, don’t overdo it, it will end up looking fussy. You don’t need to use more than three colours and primary colours work well as they ‘stand out’ better. This goes for fonts as well, try to stick to the same font in not more than three different sizes.

I use Photoshop to design my leaflets, in fact I use it for lots of things! You can just as easily use ‘Word’¬† or ‘Paint’ or if you’re not feeling very confident about designing your own, most printers will design one for you at a small cost.

One of my previously used flyers

Terminology is important. Personally I prefer to use the words property or house rather than home.

The word ‘home’ is emotive, it’s personal and refers to a place you have ‘made your own’ with your family.

You’ve heard the expression ‘turn a house into a home’, they are two different things and people can be defensive if they think you’re trying to ‘take away’ their home or suggesting it’s worth less than they think.


Call to action: (your contact details) This should contain your telephone number, email address and website details (if you have one)¬†and needs to be clear and prominent. Apparently it’s better to use a female contact name as these are seen as being less agressive and more approachable.

If you can use a photo of yourself (or your partner) this is good as the person the seller is contacting is seen to be more ‘real’. Hence why I’ve used my own photo on most of my leaflets. I’ve actually had people call me and say “Is that you on the leaflet then?” or when I’ve gone out to visit them at home they’ve said “Oh I recognise you from the leaflet”. This promotes trust ūüôā

Should you use an 0800 number? Again this is debateable. An 0800 number is free to call from a landline but you are charged if you call from a mobile, so it would depend where the seller was calling from.¬† Some people feel it’s more personal to have a ‘local’ number on their leaflets or a mobile number. You could use both.

Well I think that’s about it, if there’s anything I’ve missed or you’re not sure of then please contact me and I’ll¬†do my best¬†to help ūüôā

Happy Leafletting!

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Best Wishes until next time,

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