Tribute To My Mum

My Lovely Mum x

 This post isn’t property related but it is part of my life,  as is the blog, so I’ve chosen to publish it.

I love Christmas time, decorating the tree for my daughter, buying and wrapping presents, frosty mornings (except when my car won’t start!) parties and fun with family and friends.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same to me without my children and four beautiful grandchildren whom I love to bits 🙂

I took two of my grandchildren to see Santa last Saturday (Oscar & Mia) and  just loved seeing their little faces light up when they were asked what they wanted Father Christmas to bring them on Christmas eve.

Mia said she wanted a real pony and Oscar asked for a racing track!  I don’t think her Mum would appreciate clearing up after a pony in the garden haha.

Granddaughter Mia with Santa (Grandpa Mike!)

My husband Mike dressed up as Father Christmas (in my dressing gown) it didn’t really fool them but they thought it was fun 🙂

 Christmas is also tinged with sadness for me as I lost my lovely Mum on December 16th 2008, she’d been suffering from COPD for years and was only 66 when she died.

I miss her every day. Even more so at this time of year as I’d never spent a single Christmas without her until then.

I always went Christmas shopping with her, so just walking around the shops lisening to the Christmas songs they’re playing is enough to make me ‘fill up’, it’s so hard.

However,  she’d want us all to have a good time and we will.  I still buy my daughter Summer a present from her nanna every year as they were very close and she misses her too.

It’s ok to have ‘bad days’ now and then, we all have them, but hopefully these are outweighed by the good ones (thankfully mine are) 

So have your bad days, remember those you have lost, do whatever it takes to make you fell better, scream, shout, have a good cry,  let it all out (you’ll feel better for it) then go and talk a good friend who really knows how to cheer you up.

You can then count our blessings, laugh, think positively about the good things you have and what you want, make plans to ensure you achieve your goals and look forward to good times.

Life is what YOU make it, so MAKE IT GOOD!

I made this video as a tribute to my Mum and would like to share it with you (it has sound)


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