Now THIS Is What I Call Job Satisfaction

Yesterday I got a surprise text from a guy I’d helped with an Assisted Sale back in August last year.

 At the time, I was selling his house through an Estate Agent because the guy was on the brink of having his home repossessed for non payment of his mortgage and owing around 5k in arrears , this was due to an accumulation of circumstances.

 The guy (we’ll call him John) was estranged from his wife, lived by himself and had lost his driving job as a plumber due to a drink/drive offence (drowning his sorrows)

 From then on he ‘buried his head in the sand’ stopped making his mortgage payments and let himself (and the house) go until he couldn’t ignore the letters he was getting from the bank any more because they were threatening to take him to court to recover the debt.

 That’s when he called me, after receiving one of my leaflets through his door which basically said ‘Do you need to sell your house fast?’

 If you missed my previous post about the Assisted Sale you can read it here:

 What I didn’t say in my previous post is how depressed John was at the time. I’ll be completely honest about why I didn’t elaborate on it…. I felt guilty because although I was helping him to sell the house I felt I could’ve offered him a greater share of the profit.

The Download Music Festival

 I spent a lot of time chatting with him because he seemed lonely, he told me about his teenage son and his love of  rock music and  the ‘Download’ festival, which he’d attend every year with his son (it’s a heavy rock festival which goes on for days and everyone camps out in tents) There were photos everywhere!  

Apparently this was the first year he’d missed because of his financial difficulties, so his son had gone without him.

 He also talked about his Dad, who he missed and hadn’t seen for years due to an argument they’d had years ago. I had to ‘push’ him a lot to get paperwork signed and sort things out in the house, I felt like I was always ‘nagging’ at him to get things done!

 At the time we agreed that I would…

  • Pay off his arrears
  • Pay the mortgage until the house sold
  • Speak to the bank about giving us some time to sell the house
  • Put the house on sale with an Estate Agent and conduct the viewings
  • Pay all his Estate Agent  & solicitors fees

 Then he would get £1000 (which he owed his ex wife and wanted to pay back) and 15%  from the profit of the sale, and he was happy with that.  I know I could’ve offered a bit more and  didn’t want to advantage of his situation,  so on completion of the sale I gave him a cheque for an extra £500 on top of what we’d agreed as with hindsight I felt a bit ‘greedy’.

 As part of our ‘agreement’ I also said I would pay for his ticket to the ‘Download festival’ the following year which he was really pleased about.

 When the day came for him to move out (he was moving in with a friend) his ex wife called me saying he’d been taken to hospital because he’d attempted suicide, I had no idea he was feeling that low and I was beside myself with worry for him.

 I went straight to the hospital to see him, he did look a sorry sight and I felt so guilty at selling his home, but the alternative was losing it anyway and being left with a massive debt which he couldn’t pay. It’s a terrible, hopeless situation for anyone to be in and it made me think about others in the same situation who HAD been taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies.

Rather him than me!

 I spent ages talking to him about his life and how being more ‘positive’ would make a difference to him.

 I gave him a copy of ‘Rich Dad, poor Dad to read! and suggested he contact his Dad, which he did, and to cut a long story short he went to live with him in Wales for a ‘new start’.

 Anyway, last week I bought him his festival ticket, plus camping for 5 days and a return bus ticket from Swansea so he could get there and back. I sent it to his Dad’s address in Wales.

 Yesterday John sent me a text, here’s what he said:

 “Sue thanks so much for sending the ticket and for all your help. I’m more than happy here, getting on great with my Dad, I have a job, a new girlfriend and now my Download ticket, life doesn’t get much better than this. Thanks again for sorting me out, John x”

 I can’t tell you how much that meant to me, knowing that he was happy and settled, a far cry from the sad, sorry soul I’d first met.

Although I made a good profit on the sale of his house,  knowing that I have actually changed his life for the better has given me the most amazing sense of satisfaction that money could never buy, and that’s what makes it all worthwhile 🙂


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. investmentfile
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 19:57:25

    Hi Suzanne

    What a great story, so nice to hear that thier are still honest and very helpfull people out there. It could have so easily gone the other way for this guy but thanks to you he has turned a corner.

    Good on you.


  2. Sue Elkington
    Feb 07, 2011 @ 19:18:34

    alls well that ends well darling ..glad he’s fine now


  3. vince
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 08:31:15

    Hi Suzie
    That is a really nice thing you have done. You really created a win win.


  4. Johnny Debt
    Feb 10, 2011 @ 08:52:10

    Debt for some people is a terrible thing, it can push them down so hard that suicide would seem a better option!!!

    Over the years that I have been helping people with debt, I have known of three people who decided that suicide was the better option.

    The thing to remember is that no matter how bad the debts, with the right advice there is a solution.


  5. kevin
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 12:55:55

    Hi Suzie, greetings from the land of smiles. Hope you are all ok. Deep once said to me that two types of people succeed in business. The ones that crap all over everyone and the ones that are good to people and build a good reputation and business. The ones that crap all over everyone eventually get found out and their businesses fail, (we have all come across people like that). You are one of the good guys ( or should that be girls ha). You helped your client when he felt he had nowhere else to turn. You also kept your promise over his ticket. People remember things like that. Here’s to your first million!!!
    Take care, hope to see you soon.


  6. Suzie B
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 14:45:16

    Thank you for your kind replies guys 🙂


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