My Campaign To Find Motivated Sellers ….So Far

To re-cap on my last post, I’m using 3 different strategies hoping to find motivated property sellers then I can see which method has been the most cost effective and produced more leads.

The three methods are:

  • Distributing 10,000 A5 Leaflets in my local area
  • 30 A6 Postcards in shop windows
  • An advert in the local newspaper, 6 nights per week for 1 month

So far this week (since Monday 2nd April) I’ve had 5000 leaflets go out, the rest will be delivered early next week. I’ve used 7 distributors overall and although it’s more reliable to do it that way (the less leaflets they have to deliver, the less likely they are to get fed up and ‘dump them’) it’s harder work on our part as we’ve had to deliver the flyers to their home addresses, which are quite spaced out, go back and collect the ‘log sheets’ when they’ve completed the deliveries, knock a few doors to check they’ve delivered them correctly then go back and pay them. This is obviously time consuming.

I’ve also got an advert running for one month in the local paper and have put 15 post cards in shop windows (15 more still to do next week) – I’ve tended to do this whilst I’m delivering leaflets to distributors as it saves a bit of time.

I knew it would be a low response rate and up to now I’ve only had 3 calls. Two responding to the leaflet drop, one to a shop window ad:

  • One person had their property on the market and needed to sell for full price due to a lot of debt and not interested in anything other than a straight forward sale
  • One looking to BUY a house in his area, I said I’d call him if anything suitable came up and we could do a deal
  • One call re a shop window ad – Lady wanting to put house on the market, not interested in or needing a quick sale. I took her details and passed them on to a local Estate Agent I’m friendly with who said he’ll take referrals and pay me a commission on completion of the sale.

I’m just one week into my ‘experiment’ and intending to take stock at the end of the month around 30th April.

I’m also thinking about trying an Adwords campaign on my website as it’s something I’ve not tried before. I do understand how Organic SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) works and could set up my own campaign but it’s very time consuming and I’d much rather leave it to the experts.

I’ve previously spoken to an SEO expert regarding this and was informed that it wasn’t possible to target a specific local area in this way without the cost being extremely high due to it being a very competitive niche, with expensive keywords. Therefore a campaign would focus on the UK in general (if anyone has advice to the contrary then please contact me!)

I’d much prefer organic SEO ratings as it’s ‘free’ but after showing an expert my site recently he said that although the content is good it’s mainly built in ‘frames’ which ‘Google’ and the other search engines don’t like, so it needs re-building with another programme and I’ve been quoted around £1,200 which I can’t afford right now.

Anyway, enough of this boring stuff,  I’ll post again in a couple of weeks to say how the campaign is going, so ‘Bye For Now and..

Happy Easter To You All!Image


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