My Sky Dive!


I'm doing a sky dive!


This isn’t property related (there’s a bit about how my campaign’s going at the end) but just wanted to tell you about my upcoming Tandem Skydive.

My hubby Mike bought it for me as a birthday present (hmmm, there are many more things I’d have preferred lol) so instead of asking him to get a refund and giving me the money so I could go out and buy a new outfit I decided to do it…. and make some money for a good cause at the same time.

Some of you probably know that I lost my dear Mum to a chronic lung disease 3 years ago (COPD and emphysema) so I thought it would be a great idea to raise some money for the British Lung foundation who do a fantastic job, not only helping people with this infliction but also raising a lot of finance for medical research into cures and respite.

If anyone wants to come along and support me, or see me shivering with fear (I’m not a fan of heights) then please do on Tuesday May 1st (exact time time to be advised & weather permitting) in Nottingham here:

If you’d like to sponsor me and a help a very good cause then please do so at my ‘Just Giving’ page here:

Back to property….my campaign is going Ok so far, still a bit slower than I’d liked. I’ve currently had 11 calls, among them were 2 unmotivated sellers who I’ve passed to my Estate Agent colleague who is putting the properties on the market and paying me a commission on completion of the sales. There’s 2 possible Lease Options, one of whom I have a an appointment with this afternoon, another on Saturday this week, so I’ll talk more about them on my next post in more detail soon.

Have a great week, and if any of you are running your own property marketing campaigns at present I’d love to hear about your strategies and how’s it’s going 🙂

Bye for now



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