Finding Motivated Property Sellers – My Leaflet Campaign Results

In my hunt for motivated property sellers I recently did a little experiment to see which advertising methods worked best for me and which performed the best cost-wise.

To re-cap, the three methods were:

  • 10,000 A5 leaflets (delivered in my local area)
  • 30 Postcards (in shop windows)
  • 3x5mm advert in local newspaper for one month

And here’s how they fared..

Finding Motivated Sellers – Results So Far

My first campaign this year to find motivated sellers is nearing it’s end and I can now reveal how it’s going so far. To re-cap, for those who aren’t aware of what I was doing, my plan was to use three different methods of advertising to find motivated sellers and see which worked the best for me.

Although this was an ‘experiment’ as such, please use it as a guideline only as all campaign results will be varied according to different factors involved such as;

  • The time of year

  • Distribution area

  • Advertising material

  • The property market situation in at the time

  • Length of time the ads run for

The three methods I tested were:

  • Distributing 10,000 A5 leaflets – I designed and ordered the flyers which cost £59.00 for 10,000. These were delivered to my local area by 7 distributors I recruited from ‘Gumtree’. The distribution took approximately 2 weeks to complete and I paid them £30.00 per one thousand leaflets distributed. Cost in total: £359.00.

  • A6 post cards in shop windows – Originally I had planned to use 30 post cards but I found it very time consuming driving around looking for suitable shops, in total I actually used 22 postcards in various shops, Newsagents, Post Offices, corner shops etc. All placed for ONE month. Cost in total: £44.00 (roughly £2.00 per ad per month)

  • Advertising with the local newspaper – I placed a small ad in my local paper (3x3cm) which ran every day for one month. I noticed there were 4 other investors advertising in the same paper at the same time so the competition is tough. Cost in total: £114.00.

22 A6 Postcards

10,000 A5 Leaflets

Local Newspaper Ad’


Cost: £42.00

Cost: £359.00

Cost: £114.00

Total Cost: £515.00

Calls: 2

Calls: 12

Calls: 5

Total Calls: 19

Deals: 0

Deals: 1

Deals: 1

Total Deals: 2

As you can see from the table above I received a total of 19 calls from the campaign. I reckon I missed 5 or 6 calls which were marked as ‘number unknown’ on my mobile (or the ‘Bat Phone’ as I call it!) due to not being able to answer it for one reason or other – another good reason to use an ‘All Day PA’ !

From this I can conclude that I won’t be using postcards again, it’s not the first time I’ve tried it, I had the same results from a previous postcard campaign….so that is dumped!

I received 12 calls re the leaflets, one of which got me a deal as follows:

A lady called Lynn rang to say she needed a quick property sale because she’d divorced her husband last year and he was pestering her for his share of the property sale because he had a lot of debts to pay off. I won’t tell her whole story (it was quite shocking) or I’ll be typing for a month lol (I’m a good listener!) but to cut a long story short Lynn and her two children were planning to stay with her mother until she was offered a council house – she’d been told by the local council she couldn’t be re-housed until her property was sold.

The property was a 2 bed semi in the LE5 area of Leicester (ex local authority) and wasn’t on the market with an Estate Agent, she said she’d been meaning to put it on the market but hadn’t gotten around to it so decided to call me when she received my leaflet.

After speaking with her for a while (quite a while!) I arranged to go and see her the next day. It was an ex local authority property in fairly good condition, it needed a ‘paint job’ but was a nice little house (brick structure) with a conservatory and a good sized garden. It could’ve done with a new kitchen but for rental purposes it would suffice with a good clean.

Lynn said it had been valued at £95,000 last year by an Estate Agent, I said I’d do some due diligence and get back to her asap with an offer. The good point was that there was no mortgage on the property, and the vendors were going to split the proceeds between them. Rental value is £475 – £500 mth.

After DD I found it was actually only worth around £88k so I called her back and gave my reasons for this and said I could offer her a very quick sale with all legal costs paid for £66k (25% BMV) She said that was too low and would have to speak with her ex husband and get back to me, so I left it at that and thought that was another dead deal. BUT she called me back exactly one week later and asked if I could go any higher, I said I’d speak to my director and call her back ( a chance for me to work out how much more I could offer)

I already had an investor interested in the deal, friend and colleague Anthony, who I’d met a couple of times at the Derbyshire Landlords meeting over a year ago, he’d recently been in touch saying he was looking for deals in Leicester (he lives in Newark) so I called him to see how much he was willing to pay. He was very interested, had the deposit ready and said to offer £68,000 (which was about 22.5% BMV) so I called her back and said this was the best we could do and reassured her it would be a very quick sale.

Again she said she’d have to speak to her husband but called me back the same day to say they’d accept £68,000! I gave Anthony the good news and we agreed I’d get a ‘finders fee’ of £2k , he said he’d get his solicitor to send out paperwork for her to sign the same day (my finders fee would be written in to the agreement and sent to my account by the solicitor on completion of the sale) and appoint a solicitor for the vendors.

The vendors signed the legal paperwork and the sale is now going smoothly. Anthony is keeping me updated and expects to be completing around 15th June. Lynn is happy to finally get her ex husband off her back and has started packing and moving her belongings to her Mums house, she’s planning on taking her Mum and children on a nice holiday. Win Win 🙂

 So… I spent £359.00 in total for the leaflet printing and distribution, on completion I’ll be giving my distributor a bonus of £200 (as promised)  so that leaves a profit of £1,441 , I’d have liked a bigger profit but there’s always the next deal 🙂

Newspaper Ads and a Lease Option

I had 5 calls in response to the ad I put in the ‘Leicester Mercury’ (my local newspaper) one was from a guy looking to sell his one bed apartment, again in LE5, which was almost in negative equity so was an ideal situation for a Lease Option deal.

More about this deal and the versatility of Lease Options tomorrow as it’s 8.15pm and I’m going to relax with a well-earned glass of red now 🙂

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Have a good evening!


How Much Effort Are YOU Making?


Jackie Dunn & Martin Duffy at East Midlands Property Meeting

Earlier this month I attended the East Midlands Property Meeting with Parmdeep Vadesha and met some great people, some old friends, some experienced investors, some just starting out but all very friendly and enthusiastic.

It’s not easy when you’re first starting out in any new venture, it can be a rough and scary place with so much to learn, you’re not sure where to start or who to trust and it takes guts to get out there and just make a start – whoever you are

It’s a big challenge to do this when you’re able bodied,  but for those coping with a disability then think how tough it is for them to overcome their doubts and fears and make the effort to get out there amongst the competition and just ‘do it’!

For this reason two guys in particular at the meeting really inspired me, not because I felt sorry for them, no way! I was just so impressed at their spirit, courage and determination and it made me think that if these guys can put in so much effort then I myself can certainly try a bit harder!

Both of them had travelled a long way to be there. One, a lovely guy called Martin Duffy whom I’ve met a couple of times now, drives up all the way from Gosport, which is around a three hour journey. He stays for roughly 2 hours then has to drive back because of the time it takes him!

Even though he’s wheelchair bound he doesn’t let his disability stand in his way, he always has a big smile on his face, he’s so determined to make a success from property investment, AND he has such a bright outlook on life itself.  His aim is to help people in Gosport to sell their property fast and also to help and inspire other people with disabilities to overcome them and be successful.

I for one have no doubt that he will achieve this with his determination and enthusiasm 🙂 Have a look at his site, I think he’s a natural on video. Well done for making a fantastic start Martin and I wish you all the very best with your property career x

Munir, an inspiring guy

Another other guy who impressed me was Munir (I don’t know his surname) he also came a fair way by train and taxi on his own, which isn’t unusual except that he’s blind. I got chatting to him and found him really interesting, I wont go into details but he’s had to cope with a couple of awful tragedies in his life as well as  his disability but that hasn’t stopped him from getting out there and doing what he wants to do – property investment. 

Now that’s dedication, he could’ve sat at home feeling sorry for himself but instead he made the (right) decision to follow his dreams.

People constantly make excuses and procrastinate all the time about turning their lives around, but these guys are doing it against all odds and I sincerely hope they gets to live their dreams because they certainly deserve it for all their faith, beliefs and the amazing effort they are making.

No one ever said that success was an easy road, but to get there you have to take that first step. You may take a few wrong turns on the way, that’s natural, it’s a learning curve and we all do it, but it’s the ones that believe in themselves and persevere against all odds that will reach the end of that road that leads to their dreams. And I, for one, hold them in the highest esteem and will continue to work towards my own.

So, how much effort are YOU making?

Tomorrow….. the results of my recent marketing campaign 🙂

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