About Me


I was born in Leicester Uk, the eldest of four children. Our parents were quite strict but kind and worked hard to give us a nice home and I have fond memories of great camping holidays and sand dunes in Cornwall! 

I have four amazing kids, 3 of whom are ‘grown up’ (sometimes!) and have flown the nest, probably because they hated my cooking lol.  My youngest, Summer Rose is 11 years old and currently a ‘spoilt brat’ (in the nicest way lol)

My husband Michael is great as he puts up with my moaning about how busy I am, and despite working full time himself always finds time to help around the house (although I often have to remind him that there’s a difference between ‘tidy’ and ‘clean’  (I know you female readers will sympathise with this!)

I also recently found my long lost sister Vanessa, who shares the same Mum as us but was adopted at birth, but that’s a very long story that I wont go into right now. We get on really well and I now have four more lovely nieces and nephews that I didn’t know existed until last year (I have ten altogether and dozens of cousins as we have a big family on my Mums side)

Myself with my brothers & sister on a camping holiday (ok so I'm not a true blonde!)

My parents were working class and taught us great values but unfortunately divorced when I was 14 years old, and as Mum was out at work most days and I was the eldest it was down to me to ‘supervise’ the younger ones, so I quickly became very independent, and very bossy!

I attended Beaumont Leys Secondary School in Leicester and left in 1977 with very few qualifications.  I didn’t really like school, I ‘skivved’ off a lot when my Mum was out at work and invited friends round to my house where we’d listen to music, dance, watch TV and make soup from Oxo cubes! (my cooking hasn’t improved much since then)

As a teenager I went off the rails a bit and fell pregnant at the tender age of 19 (oh to be that age again and know what I know now) much to my poor Mum’s dismay, but she stood by me and I had a beautiful daughter, Mariesa,  in June 1980 (still beautiful today and a model daughter, she now teaches at a Primary school).

The following year I had a son, Nicholas (he has a great nature, plays guitar and writes his own songs) I was still with their Dad at this point but had to leave him due to problems I wont go into. I was then a single Mum with two kids and  ended up in a Women’s Aid Refuge in Leicester which housed a lot of ‘unsavoury’ characters but I sure got a lot of life experience there 🙂

There were drug users, women overdosing and fighting and a lot of women with domestic violence issues.

I didn’t know anyone and it was scary. The first night my kids and I shared a bunk bed in a room with an old Asian woman who didn’t speak any English. I remember she snored very loudly and I hardly got any sleep, I used to throw things at her to try and wake her up and put cotton wool in my ears to drown out the noise!

I was attacked in an alleyway, had mine and my kids belongings stolen and lots of other nasty stuff but the experience made me a stronger person emotionally and more aware of how the female species ‘stick together’ and support each other in a crisis.

People worry far too much about getting qualifications to enable them to get a great job, personally I think life experience accounts for hell of a lot more, and I’ve certainly had my fair share of that (that’s my excuse for not having a lot of qualifications lol!)

After 5 months at the ‘Mad House’ the Local Council offered us a house nearby but because I refused it (it was a bloody dump!) we got kicked out of the refuge so a ‘friend’ I’d made in there said we could go and live with her and her son (she’d been recently rehoused). I use the term ‘friend’ lightly as she turned out to be the ‘housemate from hell’!

To cut a long story short, her house was a tip,  we used to find wood lice in our beds (urgh I hate them) she’d disappear for days leaving me to look after her 8 month old son, her ex partner would come round and threaten me, and my poor kids were terrified of her. 

After a few weeks two of my good friends said we could stay with them until the Council rehoused us. They had 3 kids of their own and we were rather overcrowded but we were happy there and felt safe. I’ll never forget what they did for us, I’m forever indebted to them and they’re still my very good friends to this day. (Thank you Lenea & Jim if you’re reading this x)

Eventually we were rehoused back in our old house where we’d lived with the children’s Dad, he’d been asked to leave as the house was too big for him alone but I got a lot of retribution from hm and his new girlfriend (I wont go into details) so after I wrote umpteen begging letters to the Local Councillor pleading my case the council gave us another house.

Daniel's graduation 2008

In 1988 I had another son, Daniel (he graduated in Digital Media at Lincoln Uni in 2008) but my relationship with his Dad broke down when he was just 18 months old so, at 29 years old,  I was once again a single Mum- of three this time.

Single parents get a raw deal, people tend to look down on them, but you have to remember that most of them don’t have a choice about being single if their partners up and leave them to bring up the kids alone. 

Also, most young girls are very immature and carefree and just don’t think about the responsibilities parenthood brings. I was certainly guilty of this, but learnt by my mistakes and wouldn’t make the same choices now as I did then as thankfully I’ve now ‘grown up’!  

I personally think that kids are better off with one happy parent rather than two unhappy ones, and I don’t think they should stay together just because of the children. Anyway,  it didn’t do mine any harm, they are all respectful, well mannered, intelligent individuals and I’m very proud of them.

My next relationship wasn’t any better. Talk about Jeremy Kyle, I wont go into specific details as I’m sure you’ve all watched the programme and get the picture 🙂

I had to face facts that I was cr*p at relationships!  So I thought I’d better spend some time on my own, which is a scary thing to do when you have three children to take care of but I don’t believe in ‘better the devil you know’, especially when it has a detrimental effect on the kids lives too.

They say that when you are around bad people that they drag you down to their level, they don’t come up to yours, and you become most like the people you hang around with. How very true this is, and the sad thing is that you can’t see it at the time because when you put up with something for long enough it becomes ‘normal’. You have to be very strong to pull yourself out of that downward spiral but thankfully I did this.

If you wnat to be successful at ANYTHING then you should try to be around people that have done or are doing what you want to do. There’s a great quote that goes something like  ‘If you want to soar with the eagles it’s no good scratching around with the chickens’  that sums it up brilliantly I think.

However, good lessons can be learnt from bad experiences and I learnt a very valuable lesson ……The only person you can ever rely on one hundred percent is YOU.  Ultimately you can’t blame anyone else for how your life turns out, no one else is responsible for your actions and you can’t rely on anyone else to give you what you want from life.

If you really want something you have to take action yourself and be prepared to go out there and get it.  

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad, I have  a wonderful family. My parents, brothers and sister are great people and I love them all dearly. I also have some wonderful friends who help out and keep me sane. They’re very important to me, I don’t know what I’d do without them. We’ve had some great times and laughed till we cried. It’s so important for me to do this as it’s a great way of letting off steam and de-stressing.

My kids are amazing,  Considering they didn’t have the best start in life they have done so well for themselves, I can’t tell you how proud I am of them. I love them sooooo much!

My Mum helped with the kids a lot, she was my rock but didn’t know half of what I’d been up to as she had her own problems and I just didn’t want to worry her so kept things to myself.

I’ve had more jobs than I’ve had hot dinners (and that’s probably true as cooking is really not my thing) and have always worked, even when the kids were little. At one time I had two jobs working from 6am to 6pm,  relying on my Mum and friends to child mind.

Here’s a run down of some of my many jobs over the years (the ones I can remember anyway)

  • Hairdresser’s Assistant
  • Waitress – ‘Wimpy’ (got free burgers!)
  • Sales Assistant – ‘Bewise’, ‘Bejam’
  • Telephone Sales in an office
  • Line Worker ‘Walkers Crisps (sandwich factory) Bloody cold, hated it!
  • Line Worker ‘Artisan Press’ (making catalogues, used to fall asleep!)
  • Waitress ‘Swiss Cottage’
  • Barmaid
  • Home Worker (stitching leather shoes)
  • Painter & Decorator
  • Kiosk Attendant (Cinema)
  • Cinema Technician (making up & showing films)
  • Delivery Driver – delivering new cars all over the country
  • Driving Instructor –  (God was that stressful!)
  • Receptionist – Orthodontics, Leicester Glenfield Hospital
  • Maternity Care Assistant – in the hospital

And my current job/s:

  • Community Midwifery Assistant (Mon-Thurs)
  • Part-time Property Investor (since August 2008)

So you can see I’m very fickle, I get bored very easily and am constantly looking for a new challenge. I often get told I should sit still and slow down more but I can’t, I love to be on the go, out and about, learning new things and organising stuff. I moan about it but really I enjoy it, a sedentary life isn’t for me!

My beautiful Mum

I was very close to my dear Mum, I saw her most days and because she’d been poorly for a long time I cared for her, did her cleaning, shopping etc.

I lost my poor Mum in December 2008 just before Christmas, she was just 65 and had been suffering with COPD (a chronic lung diesease) for a long time. Mum was a strong woman, proud and very stubborn and hated asking anyone for help (mmm now who does that remind me of!) she was generous to a fault and would go without to make sure we had what we wanted. 

Losing her is the worst pain I’ve ever had to endure in my life and I miss her so very much. I think about her every day 😦

I met my hubby Michael at work in 1994 (at the cinema, I was working in the kiosk and he was the projectionist)  

Despite him being 10 years my junior (it’s great having a ‘toy boy’ !) we got on really well and married in Las Vegas in 2001 (no, Elvis wan’t present!) and are still happily married.  When he’s driving, he calls me his ‘Sat Nag’ and I have to admit I deserve the name 🙂 I do try not to criticise and sometimes sit in the back so I’m not tempted lol. Well, he should drive properly haha.

Our wedding in Las Vegas

We had a daughter, Summer Rose, in August 1999 and although she’s now 11 yeasrs old I still see her as my ‘baby’.

I have to admit that she’s been spoilt rotten but she’s a good girl (when she tries hard) with a great sense of humour and makes us laugh.

I am quite laid back though and not a lot bothers me, but I admit to being very impatient, I want things done NOW. I don’t like to wait for anything and often get told I must learnt to walk before I can run.

I like to organise things, if things around me are in the right place I can think and function so much better.

My interests are: 

  • My amazing family, I love them all to bits and couldn’t imagine life without them x
  • Reading educational / motivational stuff and ‘real life’ stories, (not ‘Mills & Boon’ cr*p)
  • Power Yoga. I love this, it’s hard work but keeps you really supple and you feel great after the class.
  • Anything to do with property investment or internet marketing
  • The Internet. How can we manage without it? I admit to being a ‘serial email checker’ !
  • Making DVD’s for family and friends. I use a programme called ‘Pinnacle’ and love playing around with it.
  • Socialising and having fun with friends. It’s my way of  ‘chilling out’ and I couldn’t manage without it (or them)
  • Red wine and vodka (though not a great combination together 🙂

Summer aged 5

So, you can see I’m an ordinary person, not super intelligent or blessed with riches and fortune. I’m quite emotional, the silliest things make me cry and I appreciate the simple things in life. I have two cats called Sophie and Lola and 4 beautiful grandchildren who I love to bits.

 I’m also a determined person and want so much to acheive my goal, which is to give up my day job and become a full time property investor AND have a passive income so that I can have more spare time to spend with and enjoy my family and friends.

I got into property by accident really. Mike and I bought our council house in 2000 for the great price of £18,000 because I’d been a council tenant for years so was entitled to a big discount.

We then sold it in 2004 for £93,000 and bought another house for £115,000 which was really when I became interested in property. I really wanted the house and had lots of knock backs as the people selling it were a nightmare to deal with because:

A. They were Chinese and it was difficult to communicate with them, and B. They kept changing their mind about selling it.

They took it off the market at least twice and I wrote to them asking them to reconsider and “Would they like to sell without the Estate Agent to save money?” (their niece spoke English and interpreted the letter) To cut a long story short, they agreed to sell it but I had to chase them all the way to get it to completion.

I couldn’t believe it when we finally got the keys! It made me realise that perseverence certainly pays off, I WANTED the house and I got it because I went out if my way to ensure it instead of giving up.

Although I liked my job as an MCA I wasn’t satisfied, I was always trawling the internet looking for ways to ‘make money’  and came across a book called ‘Money for nothing and your property for free’ by a guy called Andy Shaw. 

I read the book and was instantly hooked on the concept – buy a house with a ‘borrowed’ deposit, rent it out for a profit (cashflow) re-mortgage it in a couple of months then pay back your borrowed deposit, hey presto, you have a house for free and extra income every month from the rent!  It sounded so simple and I was determined to give it a go.

To cut a long story short, we re-mortgaged our house and bought two houses, the first in August 2008 and the second in March 2009. Both were reposessions so we got them at a good price. Both 3 bed semi’s which were in fairly good condition, they just needed a paint job.

After the mortgages and the letting agent were paid every month we were left with a cashflow of £650 a month.

I continued my research on the internet, looking for cheap properties, property courses, resources etc, there was so much on there to chooses from, it was very daunting and I just didn’t know what to choose or who to trust.

 Anyway I came across a guy called Parmdeep Vadesha. Coincidentally Parmdeep was from Leicester too. I don’t know why but after reading his story of how he got into property himself I just thought he sounded like a normal but genuine guy and decided to order his ‘Success Through Property’ course.

After reading the course I realised that although I’d already bought two properties I could’ve saved a hell of a lot of money if I’d read his course first 😦  The information he discloses in there is amazing, but put simply enough to understand and follow.  I never realised there were so many different strategies you could use to make money with property!

Some of my friends on the TMA course

I then signed up for his free ‘Mini Property Course’ which I received by email and was so impressed that in August 2009 decided to join the TMA (Tycoon Matermind Alliance) which was a year long course designed to teach you everything you needed to know about buying cheap property and all the different strategies you needed to know to do this.

The course wasn’t cheap and obviously I was sceptical at first,  but I’m a great believer in ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’, if you don’t take a few risks in your life then you’ll never know what you might have achieved.

After recently completing the year I can honestly say that it was worth every penny and not only have I already made back the course fee but I have also:

  • bought another property in March 2010 which I not only got for a whopping £50,000 discount (so I had 50k equity from day one) but it also cashflows £235 per month
  • made £12,500 cash using none of my own money from an Assisted Sale
  • bought a property on a ‘joint venture’ with a partner I met on the course
  • got a couple of websites up and running ; www.bluecatproperty.com/ www.sellmyhouseveryfast.com/
  • found the time to produce this blog (not sure how lol)
  • currently got another ‘Assisted Sale’ going through
  • our 3 properties currently cashflow almost £1000 per month (after the mortgages & letting agent is paid)
  • sold a couple of property leads on the forum
  • have 4 leaflet distributors working for me
  • currently have a total of £142,000 in equity in just 3 properties (even with the credit crunch!)
  • have made many, many contacts in the property field
  • made some great friends and above all had fun!

Without the course I’d never have done all this and the great thing is I’ve only jsut started!  We also have a Forum where we can post questions, chat to other members, buy & sell property leads, get strategy tips, check out what other investors are doing and get answers to anything we don’t know or understand. This has been a godsend to me, it’s so useful, anything I’m not sure of or need answers to gets sorted out on here!

Which is why I’m writing this, I want people  to see that whatever background you’re from, whatever point you’re at in your life you can achieve anything you want to if you put your mind to it and TAKE ACTION.  It doesn’t have to be property investment, it can be anything you’re interested in and have always wanted to do but never got around to, or just don’t think you’re capable of.

You just have to have faith in yourself, change your mindset and BELIEVE you can do it, then anything is possible.

So, follow my journey……………..to financial freedom !

My very best wishes,


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9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sam
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 09:33:30

    Interesting story – I look forward to following you and hearing more of your success. Good Luck!


  2. kieran
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 23:35:51

    Hi suzie,

    Congratulations on sacking the job!!!!! Good to see everything is going well. x


  3. Chendu
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 11:20:15

    Hi Suzie,

    Congratulations and thank you for taking the time to write down your story. Hére´s to your success. All the best.


  4. Jaz
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 13:03:52

    Hi Suzzanne. I sent you an email earlier and then started reading up on your life. I didnt realise you had met Parmdeep Vadesha. I went to the November and December property meet in Manchester. Deep seems like a very decent bloke and he is great to listen to. Deep did a talk in November and Hanif Khan did the talk in December.

    Take Care



    • Suzie B
      Jan 11, 2012 @ 19:08:56

      Hi Jaz,

      Terribly sorry for the late reply. I’ve just re-visited my blog as I’ve not posted for a while and found loads of messages!

      Yes Parmdeep and Hanif are great guys and always willing to help. Keep going to the investor meetings because you’ll learn SO MUCH from the people who attend…it’s amazing how much you pick up and you get to meet lots of interesting people (and of course make great contacts)

      I wish you all the best Jaz and hope to get to meet you soon.

      Suzie :))


  5. Joyce Oluwole
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 15:08:23

    Hi Susie,
    I am so glad that I bothered to read your ‘about me’. I was only going to look further into your leaflet info. Good on you. I am registered to begin a course with Vincent Wong & John Lee on buying property with no mortrgage or deposit and I am particularly interested in Lease Options. Have you done any of these please? I have also been reading a lot of info from Parmdeep. Now getting info overload! I will love to keep in touch if that’s ok with you.
    Best regards,
    Joyce Oluwole


    • Suzie B
      Apr 04, 2012 @ 16:28:43

      Hi Joyce,

      Thank you for your comment, it’s very much appreciated 🙂 I have used Options before for an ‘Assisted Sale’- you can read about how I did it here: http://singlemumtopropertyinvestor.com/2010/09/19/how-i-made-more-than-12k-in-7-weeks-using-none-of-my-own-money/

      I know Parmdeep Vadesha well, I live in the same city and I did his Tycoon Mastermind course which was excellent. Yes, it’s easy to get overloaded! My advice is not to spend too much money on courses, but join property discussion forums (Parmdeep has a great one) and ask lots of questions, also go to networking meetings, there’s bound to be one near to you. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn just doing these two things, and you’ll meet lots of people that are doing the deals that will help you.

      Wishing you all the best and please let me know if I can help you with anything,

      Suzie x


  6. kazzabear
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 17:36:54

    wow what a fantastic blog, your so positive, its so nic eand refreshing in such a tough time, am very interested in finidng this forum, and attending these courses? Could you please point me in the right direction ?


    • Suzie B
      Jul 10, 2012 @ 19:17:22


      Just checked out your blog…it’s very funny! (am following you) I had the same problem with the fake tan a couple of weeks ago, completely messed it up so decided to cover up instead 🙂

      If you’re serious about making money with property investment – and you don’t need money to do this – you just need to know the strategies 🙂 then check out my friend Parmdeep’s course (this is how I started) here: http://www.property-course.com/cmd.php?af=1034008 – and if you need any help please email here: suzannejanebates@hotmail.com – oh and you’ve just made me realise it’s about time I posted again…so will get onto that as soon as I can!

      All the best, and thanks for your positive comments, having a positive attitude is half the battle 🙂



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