My Sky Dive!


I'm doing a sky dive!


This isn’t property related (there’s a bit about how my campaign’s going at the end) but just wanted to tell you about my upcoming Tandem Skydive.

My hubby Mike bought it for me as a birthday present (hmmm, there are many more things I’d have preferred lol) so instead of asking him to get a refund and giving me the money so I could go out and buy a new outfit I decided to do it…. and make some money for a good cause at the same time.

Some of you probably know that I lost my dear Mum to a chronic lung disease 3 years ago (COPD and emphysema) so I thought it would be a great idea to raise some money for the British Lung foundation who do a fantastic job, not only helping people with this infliction but also raising a lot of finance for medical research into cures and respite.

If anyone wants to come along and support me, or see me shivering with fear (I’m not a fan of heights) then please do on Tuesday May 1st (exact time time to be advised & weather permitting) in Nottingham here:

If you’d like to sponsor me and a help a very good cause then please do so at my ‘Just Giving’ page here:

Back to property….my campaign is going Ok so far, still a bit slower than I’d liked. I’ve currently had 11 calls, among them were 2 unmotivated sellers who I’ve passed to my Estate Agent colleague who is putting the properties on the market and paying me a commission on completion of the sales. There’s 2 possible Lease Options, one of whom I have a an appointment with this afternoon, another on Saturday this week, so I’ll talk more about them on my next post in more detail soon.

Have a great week, and if any of you are running your own property marketing campaigns at present I’d love to hear about your strategies and how’s it’s going 🙂

Bye for now



My Campaign To Find Motivated Sellers ….So Far

To re-cap on my last post, I’m using 3 different strategies hoping to find motivated property sellers then I can see which method has been the most cost effective and produced more leads.

The three methods are:

  • Distributing 10,000 A5 Leaflets in my local area
  • 30 A6 Postcards in shop windows
  • An advert in the local newspaper, 6 nights per week for 1 month

So far this week (since Monday 2nd April) I’ve had 5000 leaflets go out, the rest will be delivered early next week. I’ve used 7 distributors overall and although it’s more reliable to do it that way (the less leaflets they have to deliver, the less likely they are to get fed up and ‘dump them’) it’s harder work on our part as we’ve had to deliver the flyers to their home addresses, which are quite spaced out, go back and collect the ‘log sheets’ when they’ve completed the deliveries, knock a few doors to check they’ve delivered them correctly then go back and pay them. This is obviously time consuming.

I’ve also got an advert running for one month in the local paper and have put 15 post cards in shop windows (15 more still to do next week) – I’ve tended to do this whilst I’m delivering leaflets to distributors as it saves a bit of time.

I knew it would be a low response rate and up to now I’ve only had 3 calls. Two responding to the leaflet drop, one to a shop window ad:

  • One person had their property on the market and needed to sell for full price due to a lot of debt and not interested in anything other than a straight forward sale
  • One looking to BUY a house in his area, I said I’d call him if anything suitable came up and we could do a deal
  • One call re a shop window ad – Lady wanting to put house on the market, not interested in or needing a quick sale. I took her details and passed them on to a local Estate Agent I’m friendly with who said he’ll take referrals and pay me a commission on completion of the sale.

I’m just one week into my ‘experiment’ and intending to take stock at the end of the month around 30th April.

I’m also thinking about trying an Adwords campaign on my website as it’s something I’ve not tried before. I do understand how Organic SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) works and could set up my own campaign but it’s very time consuming and I’d much rather leave it to the experts.

I’ve previously spoken to an SEO expert regarding this and was informed that it wasn’t possible to target a specific local area in this way without the cost being extremely high due to it being a very competitive niche, with expensive keywords. Therefore a campaign would focus on the UK in general (if anyone has advice to the contrary then please contact me!)

I’d much prefer organic SEO ratings as it’s ‘free’ but after showing an expert my site recently he said that although the content is good it’s mainly built in ‘frames’ which ‘Google’ and the other search engines don’t like, so it needs re-building with another programme and I’ve been quoted around £1,200 which I can’t afford right now.

Anyway, enough of this boring stuff,  I’ll post again in a couple of weeks to say how the campaign is going, so ‘Bye For Now and..

Happy Easter To You All!Image

Leaflets Arrived & Ready To Start Marketing Campaign!

My batch of 10,000 leaflets has arrived, I’m pleased with the look of them and am going to start calling people on my list of distributors tomorrow morning. I now have a list of 44 people who’ve applied to deliver the leaflets after posting an advert on ‘Gumtree’.

I have also hand written 30 A5 bright coloured cards to put into shop windows. After enquiring in a couple of shops today I found that the cost works out to about £2.00 per month per card. Most shops will let you use post cards and some A5 / A4, therefore I’ve made an assortment of sizes.

My advert aimed at motivated sellers will be published in the local paper this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I’ve noticed there are 4 other property investors who seem to advertise regularly, all saying more or less the same thing, so I’m trying a slightly different approach…..we’ll see how it goes!  

The fact that the same investors seem to advertise regularly in the local paper must mean that it’s worth their while? It’s certainly less hassle than organising the leaflet distribution, but is it more cost effective in the long run? Well that’s what I’m trying to find out.

I’m intending to give it at least a month to see how each strategy fares then compare cost per lead and cost per conversion (well I’m hoping there’ll be conversions!). As I’ve previously distributed flyers I’m expecting around one call per thousand, but again that depends on a lot of factors, primarily the leaflet design.

Negotiating with vendors is something I enjoy, so I’m not worried about that side of it, which is fortunate as converting the leads is the hard part of course! It’s important to build rapport and trust if you’re going to be competing with god knows how many other companies, and people are more likely to trust someone they actually ‘like’, so spending some time getting to know them and finding out about their situation is more important than banging on about the market value and size of their property etc.

If people like you, they remember you, and a couple of times I’ve been called back several months after the first meeting with a vendor simply because I’d taken the time to listen to what they needed, offered more than one solution to their problems (people like to have more than one option if possible, it gives them some ‘control’ back) and if they decided they couldn’t accept my offer at the time I simply wished them well and said they could call me back any time and I’d be happy to give them advice.

I actually received a call on Sunday from a lady I’ll call ‘Mary’ who I’d spoken to last September (6 months ago) who had inherited her Fathers house along with 3 of her siblings in Loughborough (not far from where I live) At the time I went over to meet her and look at the property which was a 3 bed terrace, in need of some refurbishment, her Father had lived there all his life and wasn;t much into DIY. It had been on the market for around 3 months but hadn’t had much interest – probably because it was priced too high. I spent a good hour there, chatting to her about all sorts and practically knew her life story by the time I left!

Without going into all the details, I made her an offer on an option intending to find a first time buyer to purchase the property which she was quite keen on doing, but after speaking with her siblings she decided she was going to leave it on the market and ‘see how it went’.

Mary called me on Sunday saying the house had still not sold and she’d taken it off the market as she hadn’t had any viewings for weeks, even though she’d reduced the price a couple of times (bloody useless Estate Agents lol) and ‘was I still interested in buying it?’ She said she’d called me – even though she’d had a couple of other investors contact her after me – because she felt I’d treated her fairly and I ‘seemed like a nice person’ and ‘could I help her?’

Without going into all the details, I’ve spoken with her a couple of times and given her a couple of options that may be suitable to her, including an option to purchase the property quickly, no survey and all solicitor fees paid (with the help of an investor friend of mine) I think if it was just down to her then she would accept, however, she has to consult with her siblings, so I’ve left it with her for now and asked her to call me back when she’s made a decision. I’ll let you know if I get a call back but if people really aren’t willing (or can’t) accept your offer then you have to respect this and move on.

Anyway, I’m going to sit down with a glass of wine now and ‘chill out’ for an hour before bedtime…so ‘bye for now and speak soon, when hopefully I’ll be able to tell you how my campaign is going 🙂

Where Do I Start As A New Investor?

Where do I start as a new Property Investor?   


Climbing to the top, slowly but surely

How do I climb to the top?

As a new or ‘would be’ property investor what questions are you asking yourself right now?

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I start?
  • What do I really NEED to know?
  • How can I make contacts?
  • Which property course should I take?
  • When’s the best time to buy property?
  • How can I ‘fund’ a deal?
  • Can I buy property with no money?
  • Who’s going to help me?
  • Where do I find resources?
  • How do I build a property portfolio?
  • What strategy should I use?
  • What sort of property should I buy?
  • How much should I be paying for property?
  • How do I learn the legal aspects?
  • How do I find bargain property?
  • Who will motivate me?
  • How do I stay motivated?
  • How do I deal with Estate Agents?
  • How will I source property leads?
  • Where can I network?
  • Which seminars should I attend?
  • Who can I trust?

 These are some of the questions I wanted answers to when I started out a year ago. It can be very daunting when you start because there are thousands of similar questions to be asked and initially so much information to absorb. You just don’t know where to begin, or how!

 I know because I’ve been there and done all the agonising about where and how to start!  The main thing though is to make a start.

 As with any new ‘project’ getting started is the hardest bit. Once you learn the fundamental way in which something is built and how all the cogs are put into place it all starts to become a bit clearer and ultimately begins to ‘work’ for you.

It’s like starting a new job – your first day is daunting, you don’t know anyone, don’t know where anything is kept, you’re not sure how anything works or who to ask for help. But as time goes on you pick it up bit by bit and start to feel more confident as you get to know everyone and become familiar with your surroundings and what is expected of you.

Imagine you’re on a bike climbing a big hill. At first you struggle as you work your way up the slope, taking in your surroundings bit by bit, getting stressed and out of breath, wondering if you’re ever going to reach the summit. How long is it going to take?  Will I ever get there?  Should I carry on?

 With each little bit of information you take in, things start to fall into place and if you’re anything like me a ‘light’ suddenly pings on in your head and you say to yourself “ahhh, so that’s how it works!”  I don’t pretend to be the ‘sparkliest’ tool in the box (is there such a word? Lol) but what I lack in cognitive skills I certainly make up for in tenacity and perseverence.

 So you continue up the hill, building your knowledge, and soon the hill levels into a plateau. This is when you start to put all the information together, like building a jigsaw bit by bit and getting more confident as the different parts of the jigsaw slowly start to fall into place.

 As the jigsaw nears completion the hill then starts to slope downwards, so the journey starts to get a bit easier and instead of struggling upwards you start to ‘freewheel’ confidently down the slope.

 As your knowledge builds even more you start to pick up speed and before long no one can stop you. Then you’re ‘flying’ down the hill shouting “Hey I can do it, woohoo!!!” The hard work and effort has paid off.

 I’m not saying this is an easy ride, don’t expect it to be a short journey, but the main thing is that you keep going and don’t give up at the first hurdle. It’s gonna be a bit ‘bumpy’ at times but you’ll get through it if you just persevere and carry on AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

 What you get out of life all depends on what you’re prepared to put into it, what are you going to ‘give’? It’s not all about what you can get. You’ll find that the more you give then the more good things will come back to you tenfold- by the ‘law of attraction’ (I’ll speak more about this another time)

 If you expect it all to fall into place by just reading a book or going to one seminar then you’re in for a shock and wasting your time. You get out of something as much as you’re prepared to put into it and surely if something’s worth doing it’s worth doing well?

 To become an expert at anything takes time, endurance, perseverance, commitment and above all the belief that you can do what you set out to do. If you don’t believe in yourself then how can you expect anyone else to believe in you?

Questions: Don’t be scared to ask them! If there’s something you don’t understand and need to know then ask the question. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s a dumb question! I’ve asked DOZENS of questions on the TMA forum, maybe some people thought they were daft, but I learnt so much from the answers I received.  There are so many people on the forum who want to help you succeed, I can’t tell you how helpful they’ve been.

 I’m no expert, but I KNOW that if you want something badly enough and pursue it long enough then you will eventually get it. I want to help others to become successful Property Investors and by doing this I’m increasing my circle of contacts and friends which will ultimately help me to achieve financial freedom, not just for myself but for everyone else involved too.

Keep setting your goals weekly to keep you focused (more about the importance of goals in another post)  and attend as many property meetings / seminars as you can because this will keep you motivated and moving forward.

 In my next post I’ll talk about how I made over £12,000 on an ‘Assisted Sale’ in 8 weeks using none of my own money (a strategy I learnt on the TMA Course) so please follow my progress!

My very best wishes,

 Suzanne 🙂


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My first post: The start of my journey.

Hello and welcome to my first blog!

Where shall I start?  I’ve never written a blog before but I’ll give anything a go!

I’m not a great writer, I get a mental block and sometimes type faster than I think lol,  but I’m passionate about the things I truly believe in and I certainly believe that there is a lot of money to be made investing in property. You just need to be able to follow the rules.

Let’s first talk a little about what this is all about and why I’m starting it. Please bear with me as I tend to ramble on at times but all will become clear!

As the title states, it’s a run down of my ‘journey’ to giving up my day job and becoming a successful full time property investor/entrepreneur as this is now my goal in life. I want to be earning enough through my new career as a property investor not to have to work.

I don’t neccessarily mean working for myself, initially yes, but working for yourself is often harder than being an employee as you can’t just forget about the job at the weekend and go off and have fun.

This is YOUR business and livelyhood so you have to work damn hard to make sure it’s gonna be a success. Therefore you have to systemise and automate your business so that it works just as well when you’re not around, which leaves yo more free time for the good things in life that you REALLY want to do.

This is my aim. I haven’t got round to it YET. I’m still running around like a maniac trying to get everything managed and still keep up with my day job. BUT I’m working on it!

I want to show others that it’s not just rich and clever people that can do this. Far from it, I’m not rich (yet!) or clever, but I can follow instructions, am eager to learn and have had a great head start by joining an inspiring property course and networking with some amazing people in the business.

These amazing people have not just helped me to build my knowledge and kept me motivated but  have also become good friends. So I’m having fun too!

There are a lot of Property Investment Courses out there but it’s not always easy to find the ‘right one’, most of them are happy to take your money, send you away with some reading material and leave you confused! Luckily I have find the right one that is truly helping me to achieve my goals, without this help I could never have got this far.

I am happy to share this information with anyone who wants to join me on my journey to financial freedom.

The important thing is that I’ve made a start (every journey starts with that first step) and am excited at the prospects that lie ahead. I’ve recently made more money in 8 weeks than I currently work a whole year for.  This new way of making money gives meaning to my life and a hope that one day I’ll not only have built something that I can leave to my children to make their lives more comfortable, but the satisfaction that I achieved something I once thought I could never do.

I want to help people to do the same by sharing my knowledge and experiences (and my mistakes, so you don’t make them too) because one of the things I’ve learnt since I’ve been working in this field is that the more you help others the more you get back yourself in the way of  ideas, inspiration, contacts and above all a great feeling of satisfaction knowing you’ve helped someone to achieve what they want to do. You get recognition for this which in turn brings more business your way.

After having many other unsuccessful ideas that never really got off the ground I’ll tell you why I decided to start the journey, how I got started, who’s helped me along, who and what has inspired me and why I now believe that we should all set goals to help us to achieve what we want from our lives if we really want to make a difference to the way we live and work (and play)

This blog is actually my incentive to continue to set my goals and it’s a kind of diary for me to log my progress, my successes and also my mistakes. It’s ok to make mistakes. We all need to make them at times as this is a process whereby we realise we can do it better next time.  Some of us learn after the first mistake , others take longer to realise there’s a better way, but ultimately it’s up to each individual to decide what they want from their journey and consequently which path to take.

I was indeed a single Mum of three children for a few years and led a rather unconventional life (see the ‘About Me’ page ) but I’ve progressed and am now a strong independent woman with great dreams of success and a desire to fulfill those dreams.  I can honestly say without a doubt that before I got interested in property I had no ‘drive’ to get out there  and make something of my life.  

I’ve always been very fickle, swapping and changing my ideas and my jobs constantly (see my endless list of jobs in ‘About Me’)  as if I was always searching for something that would ‘hold’ my interest – and now I know I’ve found it, I love it and intend to stick with it!

For many years I’ve worked hard for other people, other companies, continuously looking for opportunities to climb the next step on the ladder and earn more money to give my family a better life, but now realise that it doesn’t have to be this hard, there are more ‘fun’ ways  to make money and ways to achieve a ‘passive’ income (meaning a way of bringing in a continual stream of income without having to do anything to actually earn it)

  It’s not just about having enough money to be comfortable, it’s about having more spare time to spend with friends and family. I’m very guilty of sayng “I wish I had more free time to spend with my kids, more time to see my friends for a chat, more time to visit relaltives I haven’t seen for ages, more time to just have fun!  I’m sure you’ve said that yourself more than once.

Time is the most precious commodity we have and we must learn to use it wisely (me included!)

There is a better way, and every one of us has the right and the choice to choose a better path for ourselves, some will find it easy, some will find it challenging and some will just not bother because they’ve been conditioned from birth to ‘follow the herd’, take the ‘safe’ route, get a good education, a good job, don’t take risks etc.

Anyone who has read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ (Robert Kiowski) will recognise this scenario, and if you haven’t read it, then I strongly recommend that you do.  It’s one of my favourite books, very motivational and inspiring. I challenge anyone to read it and not feel that there’s so much more that they can achieve in their life and want to go out and do it.

 In my next post I’ll talk about how I first got interested in property and how I realised there IS a better life around the corner. I’ll also tell you how I recently made over £12,000 in CASH in just eight weeks on an ‘Assisted Sale’  without having spending ANY of my own money (with proof).  

Please follow me on my journey by subscribing to my weekly posts, who knows, maybe you’ll decide you want to join me (I hope so), and if you do, I’ll help you all the way.

Here’s to our most definite success!

Until next ime ,

Suzanne 🙂


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